1984, The Hague, Netherlands
Currently living and working in Honselersdijk, The Netherlands.

2014- 2018 Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Group Exhibitions
2018/2019- KABK 2018, Pulchri Studio, The Hague, NL
2018- Batch of 2018….our choice, Gallery Wit, Wageningen, NL
2018- Graduates KABK, Artibrak, Voorburg, NL
2017- Nokia’s Tagline, MOOOF, The Hague, NL
2017- (Dis)order, Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague, NL
2015- Looking at Animals, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL
2014- Atelier Cover Competition, Public Library Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL
2007- Haagse Kopjes, Barbershop Haagse Kopjes, The Hague, NL

Solo Exhibitions
2018- Pathetic Fallacy, Graduation Festival Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

I believe we, the people, have become increasingly alienated from each other and our communities. On top of that we seem to have lost all connections with nature, even to a point where contemporary nature is increasingly represented by an artificial design that has to generate the mere illusion of nature. However, the way we build, shape and inhabit our world and the place we assign to nature herein says something about us, as humans. My work is an attempt to grasp this (uneasy) relationship and ultimately,  to formulate a new narrative of longing and hope, structured on my belief in the possibilities of a better future for our society.